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$100 Las Vegas Downtown Challenge

First stop should be at the Las Vegas Advisor, with the platinum membership (link below)

Subscription is $50 a year

This is an affiliate link, which allows you to get the book and help the channel out at the same time. We appreciate you.


This gets you unlimited access to the website, forum, lots of members only content, online coupons and the amazing Member Rewards book with tons of amazing coupons.


El Cortez - $25 match play coupon in the book

Also show your boarding pass (paper ticket) within 24 hours of landing and get an extra bonus


Golden Gate - $25 match play coupon in the book


Plaza - $10-$50 in match play with the coupon in the book.

$25 match play at the D in the coupon book but also at the D , show your Southwest boarding pass (paper ticket) and get an extra $25 match play token.


Circa - $25 Match play by saying the phrase “Say Hi to Mathew”


Most of these are up to Twice a year.


Also in the coupon book are great food coupons, free gifts, and other offers that can be used in combination with the match play.

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