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About Gamble Smart

Founded by Dave and Marc in October 2023, Gamble Smart is a YouTube Channel focused on providing gamblers with tools to become smarter with their game selections, budget control, and knowing when to walk away. The channel was founded on the basic principal of providing accurate, truthful and transparent information to all.



Marc has many years experience as a slot technician, servicing, restoring and selling slot machines. He has a deep understanding of how slot machines work from the programming to the physical operation of the machines.


Marc has a passion for providing the most up to date and accurate information to gamblers on how slot machines work and to continue to bust through those myths that have plagued gamblers for years.


Marc has also been a software engineer for 25 years and uses the deep understanding of logic and software development to get people the right information. Marc also enjoys talking to and meeting fellow gamblers in the hopes of making a difference in their overall outcomes of their gambling ventures.



Howdy Smarties, Dave here. Little about me: I am a 30 year gambling veteran, with almost 95% of my gambling done in Las Vegas. Strip, Downtown, and off strip properties. I have played at them all. I consider myself an expert on Casino Design, player and casino psychology as well as being able to find the weaknesses in tier and comp systems to get the most out of them.


I have made many mistakes while gambling, from wasting money on the wrong games, to not shopping around for the best prices, to not budgeting properly.


I want to convey what I have learned from those mistakes to you, so that you can not make the same mistakes. I will always talk about coming with your budget, making sure that money is not for bills or anything (purely money you can burn!). I never just talk about things, I do them as well.


There is not a single thing that I relay to you, that I do not practice myself. If someone says stick to your budget and they don’t do that, their words have no meaning. We all have bad days and losses will happen.


I will be here to help you with advice on picking yourself backup, addressing the issue and encouraging you to continue responsibly.

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